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art + science = CleverHouse

Smart home design does not always lead to quality construction and a well-built home doesn’t always work the way it's intended to. We believe homes that are built simply to meet market demands are almost always out of balance...too much space, not enough soul. 

After years of experience working for both architects on the design side and builders on the construction side, Rick Blanchard realized that he was in a unique position to approach home building differently.  


higher standards, less stress

It’s never been more important to get home design and construction right. We’re spending more time at home – working and playing. Our buildings need to be created to provide the healthiest, most functional environment for us. Each CleverHouse project is uniquely designed for how you live - now and in the future.

Our homes are designed specifically for your property to take advantage of natural light and views while also carefully considering issues of privacy, proximity to neighbors, and budget. At the same time, we want to be smart and responsible about what we build...

How long will the components of the home last?

How do we responsibly manage our impact to our environment?

How do we balance these concerns with livability and budget?

CleverHouse carefully considers all of these things while guiding you through the home-building process. You will work directly with Rick as he designs your home and oversees the construction - no going back and forth between architect and contractor. With one person shepherding the process, CleverHouse provides our clients with a seamless home-building experience.


passion for details

CleverHouse homes stand out because of their details - in design and in the materials chosen for each space.  Think sturdy, solid-wood doors and windows, unique hand-made railings and cabinetry, beautiful wood beam ceilings, cool hardware. We incorporate special details of the highest quality into every one of our projects. 

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