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CleverHouse is a design & build company based in Atlanta. Rick Blanchard, Founder and President, designs and oversees the construction of every CleverHouse home. Each individually crafted project reflects his passion for quality and unsurpassed attention to detail.


our philosophy

At CleverHouse, intentional design and advanced construction methods change the paradigm of homebuilding. Bigger doesn't always mean better... but finding the right size does. Creating a home that “fits” how you live now and in the future is our goal.


art + science

Homebuilding, when done well, is the combination of art and science. To get there requires skill and experience - in both the art of design and the science of building. Rick has spent over 20 years honing these skills and integrating the practices of architectural design and homebuilding.


client experience

Every CleverHouse project is uniquely designed for each client. How you live - now and in the future - is considered in every plan.


Rick works closely with every client during the design and construction process. There is no going back and forth between architect and contractor - we are a unique one-stop-shop that makes the entire experience seamless. 


our work

Here we highlight a few of our latest residential projects. Each image below will link to more photos of that particular project.


meet with us

For more information or to set up a time to meet, simply reach out and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest and information. We will be in touch soonest.

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